Friday, July 17, 2009

Weds Night at the Realm

I finally made it out to Flames of War Weds Nights at the Realm. It was the day of the grand re-opening after the Realm moved 1.5 miles east to a new location. The new store is to say the least cramped, especially when you have 3 gaming tables laying claim to 1/6th of the space. Oh yeah, the a/c wasn't turned on yet and it was the first day of July. Can you say hot hot hot!

It was a pleasure to meet Tim, Andy and Larry, who greeted me warmly and welcomed me into their FOW group. I still do not have an army yet. Progress on the Lend Lease forces continues with 4 M4A2 hulls painted and another 3 Old Glory M4A2's on the way.

Allow me to point out that BF is mixing resin and metal parts. One of the model's metal gun mantlet is screwed. Too much extra metal. The shape of the mantlet, even after an hour of filing, won't fit snugly to the turret. I'm experimenting with liquid epoxy I picked up at a local hardware store. It worked wondrously well for the tracks. I will just add extra epoxy to secure the deformed mantlet to the turret - I hope.

Here are some pics. Tim and Andy were up against one of Tim's sons and a fellow whose name I didn't get. It was a 2,000pt game with reinforcements arrives in drips and drabs. Interestingly enough, Tim and Andy panzer force consisted of captured Shermans. So we had captured Shermans versus British Shermans and Crocs!

I hope to make next week's game. I have a box of miniatures to trade. Plus, Tim said just do up a 600pt force to start and learn the game. At the rate I paint, building a 1,750pt force will take months.


Shermans gone over to the Dark Side defending a village.


The Dreaded Bog Check claims a Commonwealth Sherman. Crocs and Shermans continue to advance.


Commonwealth infantry and AT guns defend an objective.

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