Saturday, April 16, 2011

Easy Army


I finished listening to WWPD Episode 16 on Friday. Steve, Luke and Joe talk about a new web-based army builder called Easy Army. Intrigued, I venture over and I'm stunned to see all the work put into this site. Steve mentions in the podcast that Gregg, who's is doing Easy Army, has gotten the force diagram artwork from Battlefront, thereby alleviating any legal entanglements. I did a quick 654th force to see how it works.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Changes to the 654th


The new Earth and Steel compilation book has changed the 654th. I hadn't noticed since I don't own the book - - yet. Camp_Cromwell did an Excel Army List builder for the Germans of Earth and Steel.

The biggest change is the loss of the mortars and the addition of other artillery options.

The old 654th looked like this:

CiC, 2iC

2x Jagdpanthers
3x StuG G's
1x Grenadier Platoon with PF
1x Pioneer Platoon
4x 82mm mortars

Now the new list I'm thinking about is this:


3x Jagdpanthers (CV)
3x StuG G's (CT)
1x 9-stand Pioneer with PF (CT)
3x Panzerwerfer 42's (CV)

I like it. 4-platoons. I can make the Jagdpanther very large by adding the CiC to it, or I can splinter a Jagdpanther off with the CiC (aks Kampfgruppe) and form two solid platoons of Jagdpanthers. The 9-stand Pioneer platoon offers more durability than the normal 7-stand force you'd see in a CV platoon. The Panzerwerfers offer survivability than the mortars or a static artillery park of 10.5cm guns.


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Old Glory Pz IIIFs


Sorry for the lack of posts, lately. March is a month I'd rather soon forget. The only good thing about the month is that mom is home and doing better.

In the meantime, I had bought and assembled some Pz IIIF's from Old Glory for my last EW Russia panzer platoon. I got 6 Pz IIIF's (3x pack) for $13.20. Hard to beat that price by anyone's math!

Here's some photos.




Comparison if Battlefront Pz IIIE and an Old Glory Pz IIIF

I like these Old Glory Panzer IIIF's a lot! I can't stress how much easier it was to assemble them and not have to worry about gluing the main gun to the turret. If you recall when I built Battlefront's Pz IIIE's, I had to trim the base of the barrel in order to get it to fit into the gun mantlet. Bleh.

Also, I didn't have to shave much of the extra flashing from the mini. Battlefront tanks are still bigger than their competitors. Yet, these Pz IIIF's definitely past the eye test from the tabletop distance of 3-feet and closer.

The one thing missing from the Old Glory tanks is a tank commander. None came in the bag. =( Ah, well. I'll identify the platoon leaders in some other fashion.