Sunday, March 20, 2011

Pz IIIE Platoon - winterized


I definitely overdid the winter whitewash on this platoon. I wanted a heavier wash than what my daughter did for the Pz IVE platoon. Looks like she knew what she was doing. Memo to self, let daughter whitewash the tanks. I was too hasty and zealous to slather the whitewash.



The slathering is really noticeable here with the rear of the platoon leader's turret.

Too heavy on the engine decking as seen from the top.

With better lighting, the tanks aren't that bad. Definitely playable and easily identifiable on the tabletop.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Feb 2011 - A Month in Review

Sorry for the long delay. A family medical emergency and a transfer at the job has curtailed the posting frequency and hobby time. Here's the month of February in review, that I mean't to post over a week and a half ago.

Another month has come and gone, let's see what transpired in the FOW world and with my hobby time...

New Releases--

EW picked up steam in February. Rommel in his Pz 38(t) finally arrived. The Czech panzer kompanie players have been waiting on him. The French scored in LW with FFI (French Forces Interior aka partisans) company box and rifle platoon blister. For EW, the French got the AMR-35, HMG, Mortar, and Horse Drawn Artillery blisters. The US got some token sets, the M2 .50 cal AA and an SMG platoon.

The big release for the month was the Normandy compilation book for the Axis - Earth & Steel. I glanced at the book and it is SWEET! Biggest change is the points reduction for German R/MG and HT's. In terms of what armies we'll be seeing at tourneys, the book is a game changer, just like Turning Tide was for the Allies. Panzer Lehr, long dormant because of the extreme cost of their mech platoons are making a comeback. Steve at WWPD ran a Lehr Grenadier list at a tourney and the WWPD guys mentioned seeing 2 or 3 other Lehr lists over the past 2 tourneys.

The new line of bunkers is breathing new life into lists forgotten such as Steadfast Grenadiers, the 326. Grenadiers, and the 21st Panzer Division. There is also odd/unique lists such as the Beutepanzers (captured tanks) Kompanie and the big heavy list the 503 Schwere Panzerkompanie with the option of fielding Tigger I's and II's together. Drool.

I saw that the 654th gets the option of Nebels (including the new 21cm version), along with another support slot that didn't really grab my attention since I forgot what it was.

I'm an Ostfront guy, but the Normandy lists here are oh so tempting. I only resist b/c Battle of the Bulge is expected to be out later this year and those lists might be more my fancy because I'm also a winter-paint scheme kinda guy. Plus, I want to build a force of Panther G (late) with the chin mantlet and pair it up with Panzer IVJ's. The models will be non-zimmerit too. Oh, and I'll get to play with the Panzer IV/70 (V). I'm sure they'll be around and not limited to a Stalin's Europe Feldenhalle list.

Note: I wrote the above paragraph in the middle the month, 2 weeks prior to Jean-Paul's State of FOW article on Feb 24. The first bulge book is confirmed for winter 2011. A compilation book will also be released in December in a similar vein as TT/E&S. My money is on Bagration. Otherwise the Soviets are shut out in 2011. I do hope Stalin's Europe is included or there's new lists where with M4A2(76) Emchas is a support option. Rota Razvedki comes to mind.

BF released a box of 3 Jagdpanthers. The sculpts are similar to the special order Jagdpanthers. Main difference from what I can tell is the new commander (elbows resting on hatch and roof) and spare tracks mounted on rear sides. Special Order Jagdpanthers didn't have spare tracks anywhere. Cool looking, but not enough to shell out $$ since I have 5 Jagdpanthers already. Maybe non-zimmerit Jagdkitties for Bulge and I'll think about changing them.


Proxied the 3rd Gv Mech Corps as the 47th Gv Tank Brigade. Paul put together a Feldenhalle Grenadier list at Brookhurst and away we went to rumble.

AAR is forthcoming.


Built 6 Old Glory Panzer IIIF's. No tank commanders provided by OG. My plan is to use 2 of them as CiC and 2iC. Will need to think of ways to differentiate them on tabletop to make them quickly indentifiable.

Simple Greened 2 OG M4A2's. Sat in the potent mixture for 4 days. One gun barrel fell off, as well as a right side track, victims of the Simple Green. Yet, they are easily super-glued back in place.

Bought, 2x BF M4A2 (76) Lend Lease Shermans. I'll paint one up using Model Master Olive Drab and the other in Model Master Forest Green. I also purchased Vallejo weathering pigments to experiment with. Finally, I bought Vallejo Brown Violet and Khaki Sand to use as highlights after Paul's suggestions.

All models are primered with Krylon black and await their basecoats. The weather didn't cooperate for the last half of the month. It's been either raining or too cold to paint.


Northridge Tourney announced on Feb 23 and gave only a few days notice of it being run on Feb 26. I can't make it and the idea of playing 1-hour Free For All games didn't appeal to me or many others it seems.

Dudes, great idea to host a tourney at the store. In the future, give more heads-up warning next time. Plus, talk to FOW folks or use the Forum before coming up with the 1-hour FFA plan. And don't refer to people who you want to come to play at the tourney as Dicedorks.


Transferred to a new division after several years in my current position. I imagine my limited hobby time will be even more limited, at least in the first few weeks or months. The position is a great opportunity and will open several new doors previously closed to me. It'll be exciting.