Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 Year in Review

It doesn't take a Rocket Scientist to read the tea leaves of my blog posting frequency to see that my FOW time during the last quarter of 2009 has been sporadic at best. Juggling work and family and FOW is proving to be a challenge.

Still, my first year of playing FOW I can call a success. I did play games, learn the rules, and most importantly meet great people and enthusiasts. The Realm group plays on Wednesdays and Brookhurst Hobbies started a FOW game day on Sundays. Finally, the Knights of Columbus Hobby Day on the 2nd Saturday of the month brings all hobbyists together. There are plenty of opportunities then to play FOW.

Eastern Front will hit the shelves next month. The Battlefront Board is up to 13 pages of sneak peaks and previews. It looks like the Russians are getting a major boost. It remains to be seen if the T-34 will become viable, versus the T-70 hordes with KV-1 and KV-2.

An Italy book will arrive in the summer. Meh.

Early War kicks off in July. I'd like to get an early start (no pun intended) on a Barbarossa panzerkompanie. I hope the models scheduled for release with EW France will be workable with EW Russia (due out in 2011 or 2012).

For 2010, I hereby resolve to the following:

1) Do at least 1 FOW-related activity a month
2) Complete MW Panzer, LW Jagdpanther and LW Lend Lease Tankovy
3) Start and complete at least one army before the end of the year
4) Have fun

I hope everyone out there had a Merry Christmas and I wish all a Happy New Year and a great 2010!