Friday, February 24, 2012

Cover art of Wargames Illustrated 294


Inside the back cover of Wargames Illustrated #293, is the preview for issue 294. The issue is scheduled for release in late March and will have the April release schedule for Battlefront.

Judging by the cover art and the teaser text next to it...


It would seem the first book for the Battle of the Bulge series will focus on the Lorraine campaign.

The long wait (4+ years) is over. The Battle of the Bulge is here.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

V3 Mini-Book Spiralbound


I took the V3 small rulebook to FedEx/Kinkos this weekend. This was after listening to the WWPD podcast and Luke's V3 mini-book falling apart on the air and the thread on the FOW board about pages falling out on the first day.

I had the front and back covers laminated. The lamination is 5mm. Ask the Tech to see if you prefer 5mm or 10mm (thicker). I wanted 10mm, but they were out. I liked the way the 5mm worked out.

The spiral binding is plastic; apparently metal spiral binding wasn't an option at this FedEx/Kinkos.

Finally, I had the V3 Quick Ref printed front/back to cardstock and laminated.

Total cost was $14, with the bulk of the cost coming from the color copy of the Quick Reference Sheet and laminating the front and back covers and the Quick Ref sheet.

Well worth it. Even though your V3 book isn't showing signs of pages falling out, don't take the chance.

A fellow on the boards suggested pulling the mission section out and laminating and binding them separately. A good suggestion. I'm not sure I would do it, but since the missions are going to be looked at for every game, it might reduce the wear and tear on the entire book.

Anywho...I wanted to share the pics and encourage people to spiral bind the V3 mini-book before the pages fall out.





Saturday, February 11, 2012

Easy Army - Grey Wolf



Gregg and Neal and the rest of the Easy Army team just announced they are starting lists from Grey Wolf.

I implore anybody who plays this great game called FOW to visit the website and take advantage of this great utility. Many of the lists are free and to gain access to lists in several of the big books, it only costs $1 to $2. This value is immense.

Thanks Easy Army!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Comrade Emcha


While doing research for my Emchas, I stumbled across the above image. Whoa! A book about Russian Shermans? The book contains color plates? Sign me up! I first noticed the image in October and it's release date was supposed to be December, so I thought I had one item for a X-mas list.