Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wargames Illustrated 290 - Otto Carius


Here are photos of the Otto Carius special rules in the Red Bear / Grey Wolf issue of Wargames Illustrated #290 that arrived at my doorstep today.

Also, head on over to the Flames of War website. The Thursday post is up and the new point totals for the new Hen and Chicks rule and ROF 1 vehicles is discussed.

It's a whole new ballgame on the Eastern Front in Late War!







  1. I'm still kinda excited to be receiving a new LW German book, but I'm absolutely shocked to see the Russian Tank Horde list get a BOOST, instead of a nerfing.
    I literally had to re-read the FoW post several times to believe it.

    Full movement with the ability to fire now?
    Heavy tanks cheaper?

    No way will a tiny point increase to T34's mitigate this- they're STILL less than 70 points each!

    Sorry to say that these changes will make Late War Russians Tank Hordes even worse.
    Between them and the British 7AD lists, Late War Germans will need a lotta luck.

    Unless somehow our point costs go down in the Grey Wolf book.

  2. Gotta tell ya- Otto having the 'I give up a VP' rule means he won't be helping us in Tournaments....

    Too many things in LW kill Tigers, and people will gun for him like crazy to both gain a VP and deny the Germans a VP.

    I'm crossing my fingers for something good in Grey Wolf....

    I ran Grenadiers at a LW Tournament recently, and the abuse I received at the hands of a Russian Tank Horde was beyond painful.
    I honestly never felt like I stood a chance (free-for-all, and I 'won' the roll to attack).

    The changes to hens and chicks, and lowered point costs for IS-2 and such really hurt my feelings when I got home and read it!

  3. Hey there SinSynn,

    I wouldn't write-off LW Germans just yet. The Sperrverband from Hammer&Sickle is in Grey Wolf. Bill Wilcox (aka Gothmog on the boards) who just won the FOW Masters says it is one of his favorite armies. I mean, you get Hetzers with the Veteran Tank Hunter rule and stormtrooper at 2+!!!!

    On the flip side, the Russians lost tankos. I haven't seen the new rules, but from those who have, the tankos lost their value in assaults.

    The LW German game was to buy time and whittle the numbers down. The +1 to hit if a Russian tank moves makes Germans unhittable at range and in concealment.

    I'd also look at LW German Pioneer Kompanies and their support options. Pioneers are great flank protection for the Big Cats.

    I think the Tiger is very viable on the Eastern Front now because its side armor is still 8. A Tiger has a punchers chance of surviving AT 12 shots if flanked. The Panther with its weaker side armor just brews up.

    Keep the faith. Tape a picture of Meagan Fox inside the commander's cupola and go git 'em.

  4. Sorry to sound a lil' bitter there- that Russian Tank horde left some bruises....on my butt.

    I definitely think LW Germans are competitive- Panzer Lehr lists seem to always do well and continue to win.
    Stugs are awesome in the Fortress Europe generic 'Panzer list,' and they actually won for Axis this previous weekend.

    A primarily foot list, like I ran (I had a platoon of Panzer IV's, 3 Hornisses and 3 PaK 40's in support of 2 Grenadier Platoons and a Platoon of Pioneers) will require careful deployment and shoot 'n' scoot tactics to whittle down the numbers.

    I just caught a bad matchup, these things happen.
    That same Russian player got beat up by King Tigers in an earlier round, on a board with an open midfield.

    Russian Tanks are a tough list, no doubt...and they may be getting a tad better.
    I'm hoping the point increase on their mediums balances the list as a whole out.

    That, and some cool stuffs in the Grey Wolf book.