Saturday, April 28, 2012

Panzer Brigade - East

Photobucket Wargames Illustrated #295 arrived at the door step today. Participants returning from the LW Nationals at Adepticon posted about Org Charts for the Panzer Brigades that went East. I snapped a few pics of the two Panzer Brigade Org Charts in the magazine.

Friday, April 27, 2012

WiP - Emchas

Photobucket This week I received an e-mail from my buddy Carlos of Sentinel Miniature Painting. As you can see, he's swamped in Sherman tanks. Now, if I was completely twisted, I'd threaten Carlos with a new BG&G army and have him do more Shermans! Actually, these vehicles are from the Death on the Plains deal Battlefront put out when Stalin's Europe was released. Anyway, here's a sneak preview of what will be hitting the table soon. Carlos needs to replicate the aerial markings on the rest of the vehicles, decals and drybrush. Photobucket Photobucket Here's part of the M5's for the Rota Platoon. Photobucket They are looking great, Carlos!

Monday, April 16, 2012

BG&G - The Panzer Brigades


I picked up my copy of BG&G at the LGS on Saturday and promptly devoured it from end to end. The purpose of this post isn't to do a blow by blow review of the new source book. Stevie Mac and the boys at WWPD have already done a great review of it.

Normally I'd steer clear of a book focusing on the Western Front. However, there are a couple of things in the book that compelled me to make the purchase...


As Sinsynn would say..."Yeah, him.". Behold the beautiful, stylish and chin mantlet-liscious Panther Ausf G (late). It's one of the first tank models I ever made and it's held a special place in my heart ever since. When it was clear that this tank was going to be in BG&G, I knew I had to get my greedy paws on it.

Friday, April 13, 2012

PSC - M4A3 (late)


I wandered around the PSC site, but they didn't have any previews of the sprue, nor this picture apparently.

TMP states: "15mm Sherman M4A3 (Late): Five tanks in a box for £17.50 GBP; each sprue gives options to build either 75mm, 76mm or 105mm versions, and comes with a commander figure"

BG&G was released at the LGS today. I wasn't able to make it out there, but my copy is reserved along with the 10% discount. Thanks, John!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

PSC - Ups Release of Yanks


PSC's latest update for 4/10/12.

Four x tripod MG42s, four x 82mm mortar teams, four x 120mm mortar teams, eight x panzerschrecks, eight x panzerfausts; 60 figures and twelve models for £16.50.

What's more interesting is this blurb from the PSC website.

May/June/July will also see a change in the release schedule. Due to popular demand the Stars and Stripes will be fluttering above PSC HQ - the Yanks have been bumped up the list! 15mm Sherman M4A3 (late), 15mm US Infantry, 15mm Sherman M4A3E8 Easy Eight and 15mm US heavy weapons will all be appearing. 15mm M3 halftracks, tank destroyers and Priests will not be far behind.

Odd timing. BG&G hits the stores this Friday (according to two LGS I called today). BF's new Shermans come out in May. Look, PSC is coming out with the same American tanks at the same time! Interesting....

All I can say it's a great time to be a 15mm wargammer. There are multiple rulesets to try, several miniature manufacturers, paint suppliers, books, Google, etc, etc.