Wednesday, March 21, 2012

WI294 - Pics of BG&G Lists from Battlefront Team


The Mailman dropped WI294 on the doorstep today. Huzzah!

I knew from reading the WWPD forums there were going to be sample lists created by the Blood, Guts & Glory design team (aka Phil, Wayne, Mike, etc) along with Stevie Mac of the WWPD.

I snapped photos of the lists as well as the new Triple AA vehicle the Germans get.

I would have liked to see pictures of the non-zimmerit Panthers and also word if they were Panther G (late's) with the chin mantlet. Alas, they might make an appearance in the 2nd Bulge book.

Click below.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

ROEN911 - Composite Art


Waiting for Orders...

Over at SimHq, ROEN911 has been posting his composite artwork for quite awhile. He takes screenshots from various flight simulators and it looks like he's branched into armored warfare. The picture above is his first.

You can find the original version here. You'll also be able to access his other artwork and see the wonderful work he has done.

I first became familiar with ROEN911 when I was playing IL-2 Sturmovik:Forgotten Battles. He did many aircraft 'skins' that I promptly downloaded and added to the game to enhance the immersion of the game.


Thursday, March 1, 2012

Leninade - A Taste to Stand in Line for


Today I needed caffeine and went to buy a diet soda. I made my purchase and then saw the bottle above.

How cool is this! Next time my Emchas hit the table, I'll be drinking it.

The Internets says Leninade is a pink lemonade. I wouldn't know because I haven't opened the bottle and it's still sitting on my desk at work.



Whomever came up with this idea better have received a huge bonus. I love the Hammer and Sickle tagline. I was laughing all afternoon, which earned me several curious looks from co-workers.

Sorry for the tilted photos. I'm not sure why photobucket is being weird.