Thursday, November 5, 2009

Tumbleweeds dancing across the blog


It's been almost two months since the last post.

Last month, GeekEGuy was very busy completing the tanks for the 654th Jagdpanther Kompanie.

Two platoons of Jagdkitties.

HQ Jagdkitty

The Warrior Noak and his Panther ready to help out


I have two platoons of grenadiers and a mortar platoon. All I need to do is glue them to bases and coat them flat black. I have no plans of painting the figures beyond the base coat until much much later.

RJM has completed the PzIV's and PzIII's of 11th panzer. In fact, he shipped them last September. I'll be posting pictures for the next update. I am waiting on the Pioneer platoon and 8-rads. I was planning on doing a 600-point game with 11th panzer, but the St. Crispin's Irregulars went with a North Africa themed escalation tournament. So much for those plans.

Lend Lease Tankovy is waiting on its IL-2's and Spetsnaz platoon to be completed. I still need to weather and decal 6 Shermans and 3 ISU-122s.

October's painting time was almost nil, sad to say. I hope to find the time in November to at least complete the Shermans and ISU-122s.

Battlefront is unveiling a new project next issue of WI.

The new Ostfront book is coming out in December! Hurray!! In a couple of weeks, Battlefront will update its website with a Sneak Peak - I hope.

All for now.