Sunday, May 27, 2012

ROEN911 Art

Photobucket ROEN911 has done it again with a very nice rendition of an SU-100. This time he has previewed the box art for Iron Front Liberation 1944. Direct link to the full sized picture here.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

WI296 - New Buildings

Photobucket WI 296 fell on the doorstep today. I think it was actually on time this month. Usually, there's a one to two week lag. Anyway, the FOW content in this issue deals with creating a Tank Destroyer company and painting up the M18 Hellcat and M36 Jackson. Not my cup of tea. If you recall a few months back during the release of Version 3, John-Paul gave a video presentation and hinted that a new building would be released every month. Well, I think we'll be seeing this promise come to fruition in the summer. Photobucket I'm hoping they'll add to the Russian houses in the coming months. The back page of this issue will focus on The Devil's Charge. Photobucket It's the July issue and I'll assume that DC will be released in August - the month when EW Barbarossa was supposed to happen until it was bumped back to 2013. Here's what I think, we're going to get all 3 Battle of the Bulge books this year. BGG was released in April. DC is going to happen in August. If we follow the natural progression of a 4-month gap, then the 3rd and final Bulge book will be in December to time it with Bastogne? Just a guess. I hope EW Russia was pulled so BF could take more time to playtest the rules (hahahahaha) or to allow production of the new models. Hopefully some of the new models will be plastic (BT-7, cough, cough). Anyway, enjoy the sneak peak. BTW, the re-up subscription ad in the magazine brought back the boxes (Panzer Kanone, Wittman, Churchill Squadron, etc).

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Terrainguy Mat

Photobucket Many of you may have noticed a lack of AAR's and modeling. Let's just say that my wargaming time has been drastically reduced with family commitments. I haven't heard from my regular opponent in over 3 months, so I'm not sure if he's become very busy or he's just tired of beating me over the head and wants a different opponent. Right now it's difficult for me to venture out to the LGS or the monthly gaming day at the Knights of Columbus Hall. I do, however, have a very nice garage where two tables can be set up easily to run games. If I can't go to the players, I'll invite them over for a game, or bribe them with BBQ and drinks. If I was going to have people over, I needed more than food and drink. I needed terrain. Enter, the Postman delivering this today in a tube box. After a recommendation from the WWPD forum, I purchased a green-brown mat from the terrainguy. The mat is canvas based and rubber coated. Photobucket As you can see in the next picture... Photobucket unrolls with very little creases even after being rolled around a PCP pipe and shipped in a long box. The flocking is embedded in the rubber and for the most part I didn't feel any of the flocking coming off. There were a few small particles, but that's to be expected. A close up of the mat. Photobucket I have another order coming soon. I'm excited to see how everything will look when it all comes together!