Friday, June 11, 2010

229th vs Pete's Panzergrenadiers - Deployment

The Realm was hopping on Wednesday. Several FOW people were there and were either painting, modeling or creating buildings. Daniel and Paul had a big Strelkovy vs Finns game scheduled for later, but Pete was game enough to give me a game. I had brought my daughter with me because she wanted to see what I do with all the models tanks in my collection. Before the game was set up, she noticed there was a beading store in the same strip mall and was out the door and spent the next 2 hours over there. Girls!

Pete and I decided on a 1,000pt game. I originally suggested 600pts, but Pete said it's easier for him to slap together a 1,000pt force.

229th Separate Tank Regiment

HQ - M4A2
Company 1 - 7x M4A2
Company 2 - 6x M4A2

Pete's Grenadiers

Grenaider Platoon - 7 stands
Grenaider Platoon - 7 stands
AT Platoon - 3xPak38 50cm ROF3 - in ambush
Nebelwerfers - 2 launchers
Tank Hunters - 3x Marder IIIM

We rolled up Fighting Withdrawal.

Pete put his objective in the center (can't be removed) and I placed my two objectives on the flank to spread out his forces.

I arrived at the Realm with camera and notepad. I wanted to takes notes and then put the notes and pics to good use and create an AAR using Battle Chronicler.

Below is an exported map of the Deployment. (click on picture for 100% version)


Turns 1 and 2 to follow soon.


  1. I gave battle chronicler a shot a long time ago, and it was neat but very cumbersome bare the new versions much better?

  2. This is my first try with any version of BC.

    It took me a couple of hours to get the terrain and forces input. After trial and errors, I got used to the interface.

    Same thing with unit movement and Turn sequencing.

    I'll try and get Turn 1 up today, so you can see the movement arrows, which I like a lot.

    Thanks for commenting, appreciate the feedback.