Friday, June 18, 2010

229th vs Pete's Panzergrenadiers - Turns 2 and 3

229th Turn 2

Left and right flanks advance, using trees to shield them.

Pete's Turn 2

Or so I thought. Pete's Marders advance around the trees and take out an M4A2, then stormtrooper towards the small hill. Nebelwerfers range in and manage to bail a Sherman.

229th Turn 3

Shermans on the left flank skirt the edge of the forest. The bailed crew thinks being outside a rocket bombardment is very bad and hop back into their tank.

On the right flank, the Shermans take the risky option of moving through the forest. All tanks make it except the Platoon Leader, who bogs. He promptly hops out of his tank and takes over another tank so the platoon can keep moving.

Pete's Turn 3

Pete springs his PaK38 50mm AT gun ambush. He gets 6 hits on 9 shots (ROF 3 for each gun) and bails 1 Sherman. I make 5 armor saves.

Pete also elects to withdraw the Nebels from the board. Marder III's move back behind the small hill.

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