Saturday, April 28, 2012

Panzer Brigade - East

Photobucket Wargames Illustrated #295 arrived at the door step today. Participants returning from the LW Nationals at Adepticon posted about Org Charts for the Panzer Brigades that went East. I snapped a few pics of the two Panzer Brigade Org Charts in the magazine. Panzerkompanie Org Chart Photobucket HQ and Combat Platoon costs of the Panzerkompanie Photobucket AA Costs Photobucket Panzergrenadier Photobucket Combat Platoons Photobucket Close Up of Support Options Photobucket PzGr HQ Photobucket PzGr Combat Platoons Photobucket Verband Photobucket Prinz Eugen Photobucket Funky SS-Panzer Platoon Photobucket

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