Sunday, June 13, 2010

229th vs Pete's Panzergrenadiers - Turn 1

Here's Turn 1 courtesy of Battle Chronicler. The "bending" movement arrows are a new feature of the Beta version.

229th Turn 1

On the left flank, the CiC led the other 7 M4's behind the trees by moving 12". Pete's nebels failed to range in on the group.

Switching to the right flank, the 6 M4's moved 12", using the hill as cover.

Panzergrenadiers Turn 1

Pete's nebels failed to range in on the left flank group of tanks. No other action on this side of the table. I knew the AT gun ambush is still out there and waiting for me.

The understrength platoon lost one of their number when the Marder III's popped from behind the small hill and killed one M4A2. The Marders them failed their Stormtrooper skill test, but it wouldn't matter because I wasn't going to stop moving 12" for a long range shot needing 5's to hit on my shooting phase next turn.

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