Tuesday, June 22, 2010

229th vs Pete's Panzergrenadiers - Turns 4 and 5

229th Turn 4

After surviving the ambush relatively unscathed, the Left Flank Platoon advances (6", thank you very much Hen & Chick) to confront the AT gun ambush. I manage 2 hits with 75mm main guns and 3 hits with machine guns. It's enough to destroy two AT guns and pin the surviving gun.

The Right Flank platoon risk bogging to advance to the edge of the trees. They all make the short trip without bogging. The orphaned tank behind them fails his Skill Test and remains bogged. I can't get too aggressive with the three Marders lurking. However, I felt the threat of Right Flank Platoon might keep his Marders from shifting to help the grenadiers.

Pete's Grenadiers Turn 4

Pete pulls the objective on the right flank. Also, he begins moving his 2nd Grenadier platoon to assist their comrades manning the left flank.

In a very spiteful act, the surviving AT gun unpins, then unloads on the Left Flank Platoon, achieving 3 hits and killing the Platoon Leader and another Sherman. Ouch!!!

229th Turn 5

Left Flank Platoon removes the last AT gun after more of tanks move up. The command section of the AT guns fails motivation and leaves the board.

Right Flank Platoon sits tight because the Marders are still behind the hill.

Pete's Grenadiers Turn 5

Pete's 2nd grenadier platoon marches to help the other grenadiers. In the meantime, the Marders make their move. With no objective to defend, Pete leaves to go help out his threatened flank.

Next up...the climatic conclusion to the battle.

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