Friday, May 28, 2010

654th Jagdpanzer versus Strelkovy

Finally I managed to get in a game at The Realm on Wednesday. Daniel had played 3 games this week and was burned out on FOW and gearing up for an Ia Drang battle. Luckily, Jeff pulled in and was eager to play like I was.

We rolled the Encounter mission. I don't remember the exact composition of his force, except that he had 2 big infantry blobs, a GOW battery, and 3 IS-2's with tankos.

I chose to deploy the StuGs and a grenadier platoon, while keeping the other grenadier platoon and mortars in reserve. The StuGs and grenadiers held the right flank opposite one of Jeff's infantry blobs. The command group of Jagdpanthers and Noak stood in the center across from the GOW battery.

On the first turn, I was lucky and blew two of Jeff's artillery pieces off the hill. The CiC, 2iC and Noak spent turns shooting up the artillery. After the game against Erik's Nisei, I'm very conscious about artillery because the support units of the 654th are Confident Trained and all my armor is Top Armor 1.

The StuGs on the right flank weren't enough to stop the blob. I lost one to arty. 3 hull MG's aren't enough to pin a Strelkovy company. I also didn't advice my grenadiers and dig them in. Instead, I kept them in the trees near the objective, allowing Jeff to advance with minimal casualties.

I got my first reserves and promptly put another grenadier company along with the other one. Again, it didn't advance and all it did was get in the way of the first grenadier platoon and inhibit the maneuver room of the StuGs.

My Jagdpanther platoon arrived on the left flank and charged after the artillery. I knocked Jeff's artillery down out of the re-roll targeting phase, but didn't get him below the magic number.

It also put the Jagds in danger of Jeff's reserves, which showed up the next turn in the form of IS-2's. He had two butt shots on the Jagdpanthers, but only managed to kill one. Whew.

I knew the right flank was going to collapse with a fading CT infantry and bailed StuGs. I wanted to pick off the IS-2's to gain a VP. Jeff rolled 3 saves versus AT16 and I only managed to kill one and bail one.

After assaults and flamethrowers and sappers, the right flank went poof and Jeff captured the objective.

Loss, 1-6.

Good game, Jeff!

Platoon of the match: Noak and the command Jagdpanthers destroyed 5 artillery pieces and 1 IS-2.

The AAR is a little sparse on the turn by turn blows. Instead, I want to focus on the things I learned.

This is my 4th game with the list and I'm 0-3 versus infantry lists.

Against infantry, especially big blobs, I need the mortars. I should have brought them on to pin the Strelkovy as the first reserves. Secondly, I should have used the StuGs to kill the arty observer in the trees. I focused on the blog instead of the observer and paid the price. Finally, I should have advanced the infantry and dug them in. I didn't because I was worried about CT troops getting hit in the open by arty.

I'm seeing where I need to improve with this list. Jeff was real aggressive with the Strelkovy, not fearing 7 stands of CT infantry. Perhaps a platoon of HMG's, could've discouraged him from the advance in the open. The mortars might have, because he asked if I had a template weapon deployed early.

I could swap a grenadier platoon for 10 stand pioneer. I get 3 flame throwers, but lose the R/MG of the grenadiers, which cuts down on my MG dice. The pioneers get pinned easily as CT, further reducing their defensive fire.

All vehicles in the list, except Noak, have only 1 MG. I need more MG dice against infantry.

I am toying with dropping the 2iC Jagdpanther and going with Noak and 3 Jagdpanthers for heavy tanks. The StuGs aren't going anywhere because I'll need them when I face Shermans and T-34's.

The extra points will allow me to add anti-aircraft vehicles for dual purpose use and a HMG squad. I'm not making changes yet. It's only been 4 games with the 654th. I'm still learning how to play it effectively against all armies.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by!

Its Memorial Day Weekend here in the US. Take the time to remember those who serve our country before putting the first steak on the BBQ.

In Game Pics!

First roll of the dice versus the arty. Needing 5's to hit.

The Infantry blob

We need more guys!

I hate Arty!!

2nd Jagdpanthers shoot take stock of the arty

Uh oh, here comes Jeff's reserves

Kill the IS-2's!!

Strelkovy roll tide!

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