Friday, May 14, 2010

D & D - German Warrior HG Special rules


Picked up my copy of Dogs & Devils today at the FLGS. In fact, I had them scan the book into their computer so they could sell it to me because the box had just been opened. :)

D&D is in the same format and good quality that started with Stalin's Onslaught, Hammer & Sickle, River of Heroes, Hell's Highway and A Bridge too Far. The History Briefing, painting guides and equipment listing is what FOW players have come to expect.

Rather than an indepth review, I'll highlight aspects of the book as I go through it.

I started with the Hermann Goring FJ forces (naturally).


Oberst Ferinand Gosewisch 362. Artillerieregiment

Gosewisch is Confident Veteran. He is a Higher Command teams and replaces a Staff team of a Motorised Artillery Rgt for +40 points.

As Staff team, the battery may re-roll Skill Tests for Digging Inn. Successful Skill Test for Digging In for the battery places all Gun teams in the battery in Gun Pits. If the battery starts the game in Prepared Positions then all teams in the battery receive Overhead Camouflage and all Gun teams are in Gun Pits at the start of the game.


Command teams in Combat or Weapons Platoons and the 2iC Command team in a Grenadierkompanie containing Gosewisch can act as spotting teams and request artillery fire as if a Company Command team.


Artillery batteries and anti-aircraft platoons in a Grenadierkompanie supported by Gosewisch and within 6" of the Regimental Command HQ, may re-roll failed Skill Tests to Dig In and if successful, receive Overhead Camouflage.

Motorised Artillery Batteries
Rocket Launcher Batteries
HG Hdeavy AA Gun Platoons
Grenadier Light AA Gun Platoons

Teams with Overhead camouflage count as Concealed and Observer aircraft may only spot the team if they are within 16".



HG Platoons fight to the last and may re-roll any failed Platoon Morale checks. Company Command teams may re-roll Company Morale checks.


A Panzer IIIM tank equipped with concertina wire on their rear deck may perform a STACHELDRAHT maneuver during its Assault Phase.

Rather than go verbatim, once per game, a Panzer IIIM performs a Stormtrooper maneuver and if successful, may deploy one entanglement on each side of the Panzer IIIM, extending 8" perpendicular to the tank's facing. When carrying concertina wire, the tanks main gun is considered hull mounted (ie fixed).

The Panzer tank acts as a Pioneer Supply Vehicle for platoons within Command distance attemping to dig in.


Motorised infantry using Motorised Movement, make a Skill Test to survive their Passenger Save when vehicle is destroyed by weapons of FP 5 or 6, rather than the normal passenger save.

I think the Warrior has very unique abilities. I think he's the first Artillery Warrior in the game. Given all the Allied artillery able to service the 3rd Infantry Division, he'll be a regular fixture at +40 points.

I'm not sure about the Panzer IIIM deploying wire. Note, it costs +20 points to give concertina wire to one tank per platoon.


  1. hmmm....I like it.I haven't picked up my copy yet, but fielding an HG company sounds like fun.

  2. I'm kind of partial to the HG Panzer Pioneer list in Wargames Illustrated.