Thursday, March 18, 2010

Replacement gun barrels arrived

Battlefront Customer Support came through when the two replacement PzIV E gun barrels was delivered to the doorstep by UPS.

I'm not naive enough to think anyone at Battlefront USA reads this blog. On the off chance that they do, I'd like to suggest the following:

It's great that I received a prompt reply to the e-mail describing my plight with the missing gun barrels. What I didn't receive was any follow-up for two weeks. When I copied and pasted the original e-mail and Battlefront's reply in a second e-mail I finally received an e-mail detailing the UPS tracking information and expected delivery date. But that was it. No other words from Battlefront USA in the UPS e-mail. No further contact information in case the parts didn't arrive. Nothing.

The key to customer support is communication. A business can make a huge error and anger its customer base. Yet, if the company makes amend for the mistake and COMMUNICATES the steps it will take to resolve the situation, people can be very forgiving and willing to do business with the company again in the future. However, the company must be open and maintain an open avenue of communication. Customers hate it when they are left wondering how and if the mistake is being fixed. It shows to a customer that the company is on top of the issue and wants to resolve it satisfactorily. Hey Toyota, are you reading this?

Battlefront, you've blasted on the boards for your non-communication regarding the fate of WI268. In the future, I hope you will learn from that episode and take it as a sign to improve what is generally good customer support.

Now, back to the PzIV E platoon!


The German extra stowage blister is very nice, with plenty of extra tracks, stowage bins, jerry cans, and road wheels to give character to a platoon or tank.

Next up - it's Primering Time!

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