Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lions Den I - 654.Jagdpanzer Abteilung List

Lions Den I is a few days away. It'll be my first FOW tournament and I can feel the nerves of excitement already starting. My goals are to give a good game, be a good sportsmen, score 10 VP's for the tournament and have FUN.

I've been reading the rulebook, in particularly focusing on the 3 scenarios for the tournament:

Fighting Withdrawal
Hold the Line

Tim {Theatrix} says there are 10 Allied and 6 Axis lists thus far. I wonder if this means I'll be running into several para lists from the Hells Highway or A Bridge Too Far source books. Yikes! I also know Tim is asking everyone to bring terrain {I have none} for the estimated 9 tables. Tim loves terrain! Heavy terrain boards could negate the big guns. Bleh.

It looks like we'll have 18 players. Bill Wilcox {Gothmog} will be there. Check out the new FOW rankings and you'll see Bill ranked #1. Jeff, Daniel and Jose of The Realm fame is part of the group. Tim's two sons are also scheduled to be present. It'll be good to put faces to the FOW board names.

I went to Staples to laminate The List. I borrowed an Excel Spreadsheet from the good folks of Wolfkrieg, made a few changes, input my data and color codes and printed it on white cardstock. Presto, instant army list reference. I'm also bringing the Noak and Vehicle Data laminated sheets from the Know Your Enemy-German briefs.

During lunch yesterday, I ran down to Brookhurst and purchased the M4A1 (promptly lost the gun mantle d'oh) and T-34 objective markers because I didn't have objective markers worthy of a tournament board. Besides, arriving at a tournament without objective markers just shouts Noob!

The List:

2x Jagdpanthers (CiC, 2iC)
1x Panther A {Noak}

2x Jagdpanthers

3x StuG IIIG

1x Grenadiers 7 stands (PF)

1x Grenadiers 7 stands {no PF}

1x 4 GW34 mortar tubes

Pts = 1,750

See you Saturday!

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