Saturday, March 6, 2010

Early March status report

The Panzer IV E platoon is sitting on the shelf and on hold and awaiting parts. Out of the four blister packs I bought of Pz IV E's, one of the guns had so much flashing that it looked like a solid sprue of metal. A second blister pack was missing the gun completely. I e-mailed Battlefront USA Customer Support and I received a quick reply on Feb 22nd, stating that two replacement guns were being mailed. It's been 9 business days and I'm hoping they will be here soon.

The weather hasn't been cooperating either. This week two storms, separated by three days, hit the area (it's raining now). Last week, a bigger storm dumped more rain on us. I've had the urge to prime the other two Panzer IV's, but decided against it because of the high humidity. Plus, I wanted to wait so I can do all four at once.

When the guns come in, I'll post pictures of the assembled hulls and turrets and get the ball rolling again.

On a side note, WI268 finally arrived in the mail today (Saturday). Check out the Battlefront forum for a thread on how tardy WI268 is (now locked).

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