Monday, August 31, 2009

It's really, really hot!

Alright, August has come and is just about gone. The heat has ranged from hot to damn hot! Fires are burning in the hills, smoke hanging in the air and you can't breathe without coughing. Why do I say all this? I'm looking for excuses for not doing very much painting the past week and a half. The heat (100+) did exceed the tolerance levels of the paint can, so I couldn't paint this past weekend.

I do have the 6 Shermans base coated. I think I am done with Army Painter, at least its base coat. It took almost an entire can of green base coat to cover up the Shermans. Plus, even after vigorous shaking, I saw small spots spit out of the nozzle to land on the vehicles. :o(

The ISU-122's I bought from warweb arrived late last week. I also did a LGS run and purchased Spetsnaz and an 251/1c for them, along with 81mm mortars for the 654th list.

GeekEGuy is busily painting away. He's uploaded WiP shots on his blog. Check them out!!

Maus Haus II is coming up in October. It's a one day tournament with 3 battles. I am thinking of signing up, but I'd be very nervous since I haven't played many games and certainly not with an entire 1,750pt Lend Lease force. I still have time to decide and get the Lend Lease unit ready should I decide to go for it.

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