Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tweaking the Lend Lease List

I played a couple of practice games 2 weeks ago with a small 600-pt Lend Lease force. It was up against a force of 2 Tigers and a Panther. I think I was outpointed, certainly I was outpointed. Nevertheless, I managed to surround a Tiger, but to no avail. I managed to bail one Tiger, but couldn't brew it up. AT 10 versus SA 8, means I have only a 16% chance to kill a Tiger. My force of M4A2's just brewed up one by one as the 75mm shots bounced off the armor.

Granted, I wasn't very good with my tactics and I'm still learning to use the force, but I definitely need a bigger AT kick for the 1,750 version of the force. Hen and Chicks doesn't help when facing big AT Germans.

FOW's weekly update had this article.

Anti-Tiger Tactics:

That's all fine and dandy, but again it's AT 10 versus FA 9 and SA 8. After speaking with the guys at The Realm and a board post, I've decided on using ISU-122's and complimenting them with IL-2 Sturmoviks. I like the combination. I like the models. I like the idea of Big Cats forced to react to the threat of ISU-122's and air at the same time, rather than just sit back and pick tanks off with their big guns.

I hope to complete the Lend Lease force before X-mas. I've ordered a second batch of Command Decision M4A2's (6 in all). The rest will follow after I've Army Painter'd those tanks.

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