Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dog Days of August

It's 76% humidity today. Definitely stay inside weather, especially for California? Where did the humidity come from? There's been no rain, not a drop of it, on California in eight months.

On the plus side, 6 M4A2 Command Decision Shermans arrive to complement the 3rd Guards Mechanised Corps army I am building and acquiring. I've also ordered 3 ISU-122's. I didn't think to order them at the same time and now get the pleasure of paying $8 shipping cost...twice!

GeekyGuy is on the painting warpath again! Huzzah! He's going to paint the company leaders for the two M4A2 Emcha companies.

Oh and we've both caught the 654th Jagdpanther Company bug! Jagdpanther heaven! Woot! He will paint up 5 Jagdpanthers of the Second Company; he will either take the First or the Third Company. I am also taking the Noak Warrior in his Panther. This gives me the chance of buying and GeekyGuy painting up the PanzerKanone Panther I've been drooling over the past couple of months. Yes!!

Mucho painting to do the next few weeks. I'd like to get the full 3rd Guards Mechanised Corps finished in time for a the late winter tournaments at the Realm, possibly even for October (crosses fingers).

In other news, Battle Front is releasing the updated Africa book. If you would have asked me last month what force I was thinking of doing next, I would have said a DAK force. Things change, especially with the appearance of the 654th Jagdpanther Company list in WI262 and working on the Lend Lease Tankovy. The 654th list just grabs you. The chance to run Jagdpanthers and a Panther in the same list brought me back to the days of the Steel Panthers computer game, which is an all-time classic! My friend and I played several joint e-mail campaigns. He always took the Tigers and King Tigers as the war progressed and upgrades became available. I patiently waited for Panthers (available 7/43) and then the Jagdpanthers (9/44) while he is stomping everything in the ground with his Tigers starting in Oct 42. But I digress. What I am saying is Jagdpanthers and Panthers in the same army list kick ass!

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