Sunday, July 18, 2010

SU-152 Assault Guns

Maus Haus III is coming up this Labor Day Weekend (Sep 4-5).

It's a 1,750pt Mid War tournament. In order to boost the 229th Separate Tank Regiment from 1,500 to 1,750, I've added two SU-152 assault guns. There is much debate on the usefulness of Conscript SU-152s. If its gun hits anything, it's dead. Even Tigers will need to give it respect. I plan on using the unit for overwatch and just to give an opponents armor something to worry about.

I used Model Master's spray can of Medium Green. My can of Army Painter dark shade "went bad", so I used Games Workshop's Badab Black for a wash. I hand painted (did a poor "K") the cyrillic. It roughly translates to "Bite Me", in honor of Bart Simpson.



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