Thursday, July 1, 2010

229th vs Pete's Panzergrenadiers - Turns 6 and Conclusion


Only Pete's grenadiers stood in the way of the objective once the AT ambush was eliminated.

Pete was free to pull his Marders away from the removed objective and he did so last turn. The surviving Shermans of the Right Flank Platoon moved their 6", trying to get a clear LOS at the Marders between the small hill and the trees. Two tanks had good LOS. Amazingly one Marder was hit and destroyed.

Meanwhile, the Left Flank platoon moved up, managed 2 Main Gun hits and 2 MG hits on the dug in grenadiers. Pete made all his saves.

Assault phase.

I won't add any more pics. It was back and forth and back and forth.

1st round, I don't kill anything. Pete passes tank fear and charges.
2nd round, I kill 2 stands and Pete's Panzerknacker kills 1 M4.
3rd round, I kill 1 stand, Panzerknacker kills another M4.
4th round, I kill 1 and Pete kills 2 M4's. (this is getting ugly)
5th round, I miss and Pete's bails an M4.
6th round, I remount and kill 1 stand. Pete bails another M4.
7th round, I kill 1 stand and he bails. I fail motivation and break off.

I think Pete's CO with the Panzerknacker killed or bailed all the tanks except 1.

Conscript tanks need more than 6 tanks before assaulting dug in grenadiers.

Pete rolled extremely well, though, he admitted. It didn't seem that way to me. I thought Pete's dice rolling was right about average during the assault.

Left Platoon is wiped or captured. Right Platoon is in no condition to contest the far objective.

Game over.

Good game, Pete!

I do hope visitors enjoyed the AAR using Battle Chronicler. I'm sure some of you would have preferred the AAR all in one post. Perhaps in the future when my AAR skills improve. I took copious amounts of notes and pictures to build the maps and then to describe the turn by turn action.

I think Battle Chronicler is a great tool and I'll certainly try to do another AAR with it soon.

Thanks for stopping by.

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