Saturday, July 24, 2010

New Pics - Bruce's Objective Markers & Ryan's Panther Ausf G

Bruce O's objective markers arrive two days ago! I was also happy to receive Ryan M's completed Panther, Pioneer Platoon and 8-rads!

They are some of the best FOW painters out there, along with Sentinel and GeekEGuy.

My daughter allowed me to borrow her lamp and she was kind enough to use a white backboard to create the pictures below.

Ryan's Panther is one he modified from a regular Ausf A. The chin mantlet, machine gun portals and hatches were all sculpted. It isn't an old Battlefront Ausf G. Amazing work!


Bruce's work took 2nd place in the objectives portion of the Iron Cross painting competition at Historicon 2010. Check out the attention to detail and creative inspiration.

An unhappy crewman trying to save the air recognition flag.

A happy bunch of Germans posting in front of a monstrous KV-3!

The KV-3 dwarfs the Panther Ausf G

Family is coming into town. One of the younger members has his own FOW collection of tanks. I'm looking forward to bringing him to the LGS where he get a few games in.

Thanks for stopping by.

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