Friday, February 26, 2010

Pz IV E Platoon - Magnetizing Hull and Turrets



This is the start of the Panzer IVE platoon for the Barbarossa 2012 project. It is also the first time I've done any extra modeling steps beyond super-gluing together FOW vehicles.

As for the drill bits, I used a 3/32nd bit and a hand drill. I circled, circled, circled the area (after clamping down hull or turret to a patio table), gradually making a depression round and deep enough to hold the magnet. I then used Green Stuff to lock the magnet in place. On the fist hull (far left in picture), I tried Super Glue to secure the magnet, but with the magnet being so small, Fumble Fingers (me) created a mess in the turret ring. Using Green Stuff, I can "smoosh" the magnet into the epoxy and let it dry/set with no mess. It's important to let Green Stuff set before testing the hull/turret combo, otherwise the hull magnet is "sucked up" and connects to the turret magnet. Oops!

I have to say there is a big sense of satisfaction after installing the magnets. It's a feeling of yeah, I did that.

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