Thursday, February 4, 2010

Excel Army File - Mittlere Panzerkompanie


Just a quick update.

I e-mailed my latest Excel army list creation - the Mittlere Panzerkompanie from the Eastern Front source book. I hope there aren't too many bugs in it.

It's a very complicated Excel sheet, with several IF functions to detect when you select the wrong unit for your force. The SS version of the Mittlere Panzerkompanie is limited in what types of platoons it is allowed to take and equipment. For example, an SS version can take Marder IIIM's as tank-hunters, but not Hornisse or Ferdinands.

Look for it soon on Hein's FOW army list website (see link to the bottom left of the blog).


  1. Hi,
    Did you already sent the file towards me?
    Cause i haven't received anything yet.
    Or can i find it somewhere else where i can download it and place it on the site.


  2. Hi Rob,
    Forget about my last comment.
    I just found out that my email program automatically placed your message in the undesirable messages folder. Something it shouldn't do.

    Yes i will upload it to the website.