Friday, May 15, 2009

Finished the 1st M4A2 "Emcha"


There it is! It's the first ever FoW anything I have ever tried and attempted to paint.

I was so into painting I didn't take any other pics between the stages of primering, weathering, decaling and then applying the Magic Wash.

ArmyPainter Matt Varnish is sprayed atop everything. There's a few small areas I missed, like the bottom front of the tank, but it did a great job. The picture makes the finish look glossy because flash was enabled due to a lack of a good light source.

Lessons Learned:

1) You can see the outline of the decal. I applied the Magic Wash after the decals because I wanted the numbers to look weathered. Instead, the Magic Wash highlighted the edges of the decal. I'll apply the decals after the Magic Wash and then lightly dry brush smoke and black for weathering.

2) I need a straight brush the size to handle the decals.

3) I will leave the tracks off the hull. They will be primed and weathered and then glued to the hull.

4) Learn Magic Wash. I might just dip the next tank into the jar and let it drain. I had a few small bubbles develop on the right side of the hull from unnoticed air pockets.

5) I like how the Flat Brown "rust" look works with Magic Wash.

I can't argue with the results. I am VERY happy with Army Painter.

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