Friday, May 8, 2009

1st M4A2 Emcha assembled

Apologies for the blurry photograph. My digital camera isn't very good with close ups and I didn't use a tripod to stop any of the normal "shake" when the shutter it depressed with the finger. The next pictures will have to be taken a further away. Hopefully I'll be able to then zoom in the photo and get a closer look at the miniature.


Curiously, the turret is "stuck" to the hull. I tried an exacto blade, a small screw driver and other small tools to "pry" the darn turret off the hull. It's like the turret was welded onto the hull! I e-mailed BattleFront's customer service department, so I'll see what they say. Their customer service has a good reputation.

I had no other major issues with the M4A2 Emcha model. I had to trim one side of the tract connectors - the connectors that are glued into the pre-cut slots on the side of the Hull. Those of you who build Shermans will know what I'm talking about. A few turns of the exacto blade enlarged the pre-drilled hole for the .5o AAMG. The frozen turret was by far the biggest issue and I'm sure it's an isolated case.

In any event, I then used the Army Painter Army Green primer, stuck turret or no. This Sherman model is the "trial-and-error" piece where I can practice using Army Painter and learning how to apply those small 15mm decals. I'll still use the tank as part of the Lend Lease Mechanized Corps, don't get me wrong. It's just that I hope my skill with building and painting the tanks improves with each one.

The Sherman is in the garage, drying. I'll try to take better photos and post them tomorrow before I apply decals and then the Magic Wash.

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