Monday, June 25, 2012

Diablo 3: Entitlement

Photobucket I've been thoroughly enjoying myself re-acquainting myself with the world of Diablo this past week. My friend's DH and my Barbarian completed Act I Normal last night. It was an enjoyable Boss Fight versus the Butcher (have nice screenshots) and a good conclusion to Act I. The cut-screen is one of the best done by Blizzard and I'll definitely watch it again before I play next. But that's not what this post is about. I've been lurking on the Diablo 3 forums for awhile, more out of amusement than trying to glean any useful information about Barbarian tactics. The amount of pettiness and vitriol is shocking. I realize I don't fit the typical age / maturity demographic of the typical poster on these forums. I realize that 90% of lurkers don't post on any forums. I realize this little sermon I'm posting won't do anything to reduce the amount of trolls on that forum, the FOW forum, or any forum. Still, I want to get my two cents in on this little slice of the Internets. What bothers me is the sense of entitlement many of the posters exhibit. I tried to go into the D3 Forum to find a few quotes, but the topics move so fast, that by the time I'm done scanning one topic on Page 1, it'll be on Page 4 (this happened). So I'll paraphrase some of the comments about entitlement:

  • I've farmed (insert favorite Inferno Act and farm spot) for the past X hours and only found 3 crap rares!
  • I can't get past (insert favorite Inferno Act and farm spot) and it's been 3 days! 
  • Killing Diablo in Inferno is hard/easy! Photobucket
Look, ranting-raving-forum-type-peoples. You aren't entitled to amazing, god-like items on your timetable. The beauty of the Diablo series is waiting for that drop (usually gold colored to represent a unique and now legendary item) after a hard fight, or just slugging a random barrel or opening a chest. To think that if you do X runs in Y amount of hours will net you the desired item is foolish. If such was the case, all those Lotto players would be winning more often. Now I'm not going to argue about the quality and type of item drops (that's another post) as there are legitimate concerns. What I want to point out is that I find the current crop of video gamers to be very ADD. They've become accustomed to playing an Xbox or PS3 game for 60+hours, solve it and then move onto the next game release. Those console games can cost $70+ and be solved quickly and yet the current crop of Diablo players feel that after 5 weeks, the game isn't fulfilling and it owes them. Sorry guys/gals. Diablo 2 didn't become the Diablo 2 until the Lord of Destruction expansion came out. It tidied up D2, expanded on the items, added 2 new characters, a new act and more items. Be patient. Like many, I don't agree with several of the D3 design decisions such as no public game lobby, elite items are underwhelming, and lack of low-level and mid-level sets (green items), and bugs that could have been discovered in beta. However, I'm confident D3 will be tweaked further. It might take months or even another expansion - come on, like the level 60 cap wasn't a give away to their plan to release more D3 content. I'll be patient. I'll methodically smash my way through Normal, than Nightmare and then into Hell and Inferno. I paid my $60. Blizzard doesn't owe me anything beyond keeping the D3 servers up. If I find D3 boring, I'll leave. Peace.

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