Friday, February 24, 2012

Cover art of Wargames Illustrated 294


Inside the back cover of Wargames Illustrated #293, is the preview for issue 294. The issue is scheduled for release in late March and will have the April release schedule for Battlefront.

Judging by the cover art and the teaser text next to it...


It would seem the first book for the Battle of the Bulge series will focus on the Lorraine campaign.

The long wait (4+ years) is over. The Battle of the Bulge is here.


  1. Gimme tanks. Lotsa tanks. Tanks up da ying yang.
    So psyched for this.

    ...Oh, fine, Battlefront. I'll just have my money deposited directly to your accounts.
    Food is like, completely over rated anyway.

    Playing my first 3rd edition games today, Robinoc!
    I'm running Grey Wolf Grenadiers with Van Saucken- Stormtrooper re-rolls for the Marders. Keep 'em hidden, keep 'em the One Ring.

    I should have a new FoW post up at the House tomorrow, with pics an' stuffs from the battles.

  2. Good luck in your game, Herr SinSynn.

    Are you sure the Ultimate Rival isn't a shareholder of Battlefront? After all, he was the one who got you into this whole FOW-thing, striking when you were most disaffected with GW.

    I look forward to reading the report tomorow.

  3. Hey Robinoc!
    I was browsing my online retailer (the WarStore), and I saw they actually had PSC Stugs and Panthers in stock for once.
    I was looking for 3 boxes of Panzer IV's, but they were outta stock on those, of course....sigh.

    So I broke down and got 2 boxes of Stugs, and one of the Panthers.
    They're all really nice.
    No zimmerit on the Panthers...that kinda hurts, but I'm hoping I'll be happy when I paint them up.
    The Stugs are awesome.
    Both kits allow you to build 3 versions of each!

    Just thought I'd pass that on to you.
    I'll be writing a sorta review thing over at World of Wonder this week.
    Be eezy, bro!