Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Reinforcements for 11th Panzer Division


Carlos of Sentinel Minature Painting did these for me in time for the SoCal Smackdown 2011. Once again Carlos outdid himself.

I've detailed the use of 731 and 735 in Game 3, which was their baptism of fire. They are two of an eventual four-tank platoon.

The Marder is the first of four Marders I'll be needing. Together with the grey/white-wash Pz IIIIL's platoon, they'll be another way for me to play 11.PD. The Marders will swap out with the Pz IVF-2's and form the backbone of heavy AT. The Pz IIIL's will serve multi-role as AT and anti-infantry.



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  1. Very nice!
    For the Fatherland!
    And may you always make yer Stormtrooper rolls!