Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Red Bear in hands!!


X-mas came two weeks early this year. The LGS received its shipment of Red Bear yesterday. A friend picked me a copy and I got my hands on it today. I also got the FOW Russian and German obj markers. They're very nice; didn't take pics of them, though.

I took photos of the TOE and points of the Tankovy, Rota Razvedki, and Lend Lease Tankovy (Ino) lists as well as the new Infiltration and Tank Escort rules.

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Tankovy TO&E

The other part of the Tankovy TO&E

Tankovy Points - First PhotoPhotobucket

Tankovy Points - Second PhotoPhotobucket

Rota Razvedki TO&EPhotobucket

Razvedki Platoon Points - A full platoon with M3A1's dropped from 230 to 205 in keeping with the reduction in R/MG teams in E&S.

Ino Battalion!! I searched and read and I see no rule prohibiting running a company of M4A2(76) with a company of 75mm armed Emchas. Intriguing. You'll also see Spets platoon is available. If Loza and Spets are taken, I can potentially infiltrate two separate tankovy companys! I might add Nevsky to watch over the 75mm Emchas. Nasty. Expensive. But Fun, Fun and did I say Fun!

Ino Points Part I - 10 76mm Shemans went up by 105 pts. Ouch.

Ino Light Tankovy. No Stuarts?!

Infiltration Rule - Main difference, as reported on FOW forum and WWPD, is that enemy Independent Teams don't mess up infiltration.Photobucket

Tank Escort Rules Part IPhotobucket

Tank Escort Rules Part IIPhotobucket

Tank Escort Rules Part IIIPhotobucket

Tank Escort Rules Part IV - Sorry photo was bad. 5 hits stop the tank escort assault.

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  1. Nice job spying on those godless communists!
    I know yer just joking 'bout playin' Russians, right?
    (10 76mm Shermans scares me and my Tigers, even if it costs more...still scary!)

    Looking forward to Grey Wolf, which I think might have some lists that use that crazy 'veteran tank hunters' rule.