Thursday, October 6, 2011

Santa, O, Santa!!





We interrupt the stream of SoCal Smackdown AAR (well, before I post the first game), with blatant drool all over the screen. I think I've been too many of SinSynn's posts over at House of Paincakes. Don't you judge me, SinSynn!!

It's been a quiet year of purchases for me. I'm not into EW Desert, nor LW Italy. Nothing wrong with those periods. Just not for me.

Visit the FOW site. Read Jean-Paul's preview of what the plans are for 2012 and you'll see the lists they'll be included in each book. They are going to be huge.

Here are my hopes:

1) Emcha 76mm included in the Forward Detachment list
2) More support options for a Lend Lease Tankovy
3) A German list to catch my fancy in Grey Wolf. Kinda of ho hum right now.

I better start bribing people because my naughty-nice list is unbalanced.

East Front junkies rejoice!!

AAR on the way soon.


  1. I never judge!
    I just drooled over these at the FoW site....
    They've got that 'what we have planned' thingy goin' on.
    I....may have touched myself in an impure manner.
    That Grey Wolf book will be mine...oh yes, it will.

    Hey, thanx for reading, brother!
    Be eezy!

  2. Glad to have you aboard on the drool-fest that is Grey Wolf / Red Bear!!

    and thank you for your posts at HoP! I look forward to them and I can't wait to hear more about your FOW adventures and the ever-present Xenos struggles againsnt Imperial propaganda.

  3. My second FoW post has been finished for some time....But we've had the 'HoP Idol' contest, so...waddayagonnado?
    Hopefully that'll be up soon.

    I should probably start writing my Wed.'s after midnite on Tuesday!