Friday, June 17, 2011

Tank Aces


The release of Infantry Aces had me thinking if Battlefront will do something similar with armored forces. Back in the days of the Steel Panthers computer game, in order to add spice and variety to the campaign battles, my friend and I would track the progress of individual units. They would gain experience, and became better shots, would recover from suppression quicker and have a higher rate of fire. They'd also have a better chance of surviving a catastrophic hit to their vehicle. Several times my friend and I would race half-tracks to pick up bailed crew and send them to the rear just so they would survive the battle and not lose their experience for the next game.

I like the roleplaying aspect Infantry Aces adds to the game. I think I'll do the same with some of my armies. I'll create characters, name them, and track their progress in AAR's. I find myself looking for something more than just playing FOW. I think a Tank Aces type of fiction might be the thing to add a narrative story to the game.

I found a Vehicle Hit Location table and "borrowered" the ideas. The percentages were changes, as were the results. After a battle, I'll consult the table for each of my "destroyed tanks" and see if the crew survives to fight another day.

I apologize for the big gap between the paragraph and the actual table. I suck at HTML.

If anyone has ideas for Tank Aces, I'd welcome them wholeheartedly.

d100Hit LocationResult
00-15Fuel TankRoll d6 (1-4, occupants escape. 5-6, vehicle explodes, make Warrior Save)
15-30EngineRoll d6 (1-3, engine catches fire. Occupants escape. 4-6, vehicle rolls to a stop, inoperable)
31-40Main GunMain gun inoperable
41-50SuspensionVehicle grinds to a stop, inoperable
51-65TreadsVehicle immobile
66-80HullRoll d6 (1-4, round passes through, minor crew injuries, crew abandons vehicle. 5-6, Driver, radio operator make Warrior Saves or KIA)
81-90TurretRoll d6 (1-4, round passes through, minor crew injuries, crew abandons vehicle. 5-6, Commander, Loader, Gunner make Warrior Saves or KIA)
91-95MagazineVehicle explodes. Crew makes Warrior Save or KIA
96-99Missed Me By That MuchSmoke, noise, shouting and confusion. Everyone's fine, but wake up after the battle

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