Sunday, June 19, 2011

Plastic Soldier Company Shermans Release Dates

The Plastic Soldier Company (PSC) made ripples in the 15mm miniatures market with the release of their T-34 kit with a 76mm and 85mm turrets. Instead of having to buy a T-34/76 and a T-34/85 model, a player can just swap turrets on a PSC model. In effect, PSC gave the buyer two tanks for the price of one. The kits have receive positive reviews by the gents over at WWPD (see Steve's June 16, 2011 post showing more T-34's spawning. Yes, Steve finally saw the light and joined the comrades). Craig's Wargamming Blog (see Blog List) also reviewed PSC's Panzer IV kit. I've been hoping and crossing fingers and toes hoping the Sherman would get the PSC T-34 "treatment". The wait is over.




The PSC site hasn't put up the sprue for the M4A2. Hopefully that will be soon. The M4A1 looks like it will have a cast hull, while the M4A2 will be the welded hull (my preference). I'll definitely pick up a couple of M4A2 boxes for use in my third company of Emchas in anticipating of a LW Soviet compilation where some Confident Trained Lend Lease Tankovy formation would be most welcome (cough, cough, cheaper, can field 24 M4A2 at Confident Trained).

Estimated Release Dates-

M4A1: 6/30/11
M4A2: 7/8/11


  1. While ten tanks for £16 is good value, unfortunately five of them only belong in fantasy. This hull is from the very late Wet Stowage version, and while it seems a handful were produced with 75mm guns before production switched to the M4A1(76)W, apparently there were all used for conversion to Duplex Drive tanks. None of these would have been using the three-piece bolted transmission cover which was replaced much earlier.

    Some gamers may want to ignore this point on reasons of economy, which is fine. Unfortunately many more will just think this is how Shermans are supposed to look, which is not. As for collectors wanting "finest quality assured", they would probably have preferred using the sprue layout for extra stowage kit which was an ubiquitous feature on late-war Shermans. But thanks for posting this picture and saving me the expense.

  2. geir

    Plastic Soldier Company here

    We have realised are error and are now producing 2 x M4A1 kits - 1 M4A1 75mm with correct "small hatch" dry hull and a M4A1 76mm Wet kit.

    Keep an eye on our website and TMP for an offical announcement very soon