Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Changes to the 654th


The new Earth and Steel compilation book has changed the 654th. I hadn't noticed since I don't own the book - - yet. Camp_Cromwell did an Excel Army List builder for the Germans of Earth and Steel.

The biggest change is the loss of the mortars and the addition of other artillery options.

The old 654th looked like this:

CiC, 2iC

2x Jagdpanthers
3x StuG G's
1x Grenadier Platoon with PF
1x Pioneer Platoon
4x 82mm mortars

Now the new list I'm thinking about is this:


3x Jagdpanthers (CV)
3x StuG G's (CT)
1x 9-stand Pioneer with PF (CT)
3x Panzerwerfer 42's (CV)

I like it. 4-platoons. I can make the Jagdpanther very large by adding the CiC to it, or I can splinter a Jagdpanther off with the CiC (aks Kampfgruppe) and form two solid platoons of Jagdpanthers. The 9-stand Pioneer platoon offers more durability than the normal 7-stand force you'd see in a CV platoon. The Panzerwerfers offer survivability than the mortars or a static artillery park of 10.5cm guns.


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  1. Hi there.

    This is basically a list I am considering as my first German force. I can't really offer any constructive criticism about how it would go. Instead I wondered if you could tell me how you've found it plays? Attacking in the majority of games, do you find you have the tools to break into a Infantry list or is that basically an auto loss?