Monday, December 6, 2010

Quick photos of Rapid Fire game

I'm compiling the 30+ photos of an AAR against Michael's MW panzer kompanie. Or was it his pioneer kompanie? It was that type of game for both of us.

While Michael and I were flaying fruitlessly at one another, Frank the Building Maker was playing Rapid Fire. I own two Rapid Fire supplements. They are both PDF's and cover the German and Russian forces from Barbarossa to Kursk. I find them to be good research resources when designing FOW army lists.

I've never played the game before, but the 28mm models look great!

At this point in the fight, the Russians are wondering what happened to all the area terrain.

The only thing missing for this PaK 40 crew is hot dogs.

Soviet infantry hide behind burning T-34's. Not a good idea in a real battle as T-34 tended to suffer internal explosions and send shrapnel in all directions.

Holiday time is coming up and hopefully I'll get a couple of games in. AAR report to follow next time.

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