Monday, December 27, 2010

Looking back to 2010 and forward to 2011


Whew! The heavy rains have come and gone. Unfortunately, the rains saturated the phone lines, wiping out my DSL. Service says it may be a few weeks before everything is back to normal. Ugh.

In other news, another year has come and gone. It's that time of year to pause and reflect on the year that was 2010.

Here are the FOW goals I set for myself at the end of 2009:

For 2010, I hereby resolve to the following:

1) Do at least 1 FOW-related activity a month
2) Complete MW Panzer, LW Jagdpanther and LW Lend Lease Tankovy
3) Start and complete at least one army before the end of the year
4) Have fun

Resolution 1: I think I did very good and met it. I went to The Realm several times on Weds and made many of the Game Day's on Sat. I didn't always get a game in, but I did get to talk shop with other FOW'ers. I played in my first FOW Tourney in April (Lion's Den I) and did well for a noob.

Resolution 2: They are all complete. I received the mortars and Sturmoviks to finish the 654th Heavy Tank Hunter Battalion and the Lend Lease (Sherman 75's) from Hammer & Sickle from Carlos T. Great work, Carlos, thanks! RJM you still javascript:void(0)owe me a Kfz 70 truck and 2 stands of pioneers.

Resolution 3: Epic fail. I started a Panzer Kompanie for the upcoming Barbarossa book. I complete 4 Pz IV E's, and need to weather 3 Pz III E's. I have to build 6 Pz III F's (Old Glory). I also traded and received 2 platoons of Grenadiers to give the Barbarossa force some infantry. I didn't bother with any other force for the whole year, instead focusing on Lend Lease Tankovy for LW and MW.

Resolution 4: Yep, had plenty of fun this year and met some very fun people.

On the side, I created more Excel Army files (hosted by Hien) for MW Mittlerepanzerkompanie, HG Panzerpioneer and SE Lend Lease Tankovy.

I made several trades through Bartertown. I've decided I'm an Eastern Front kind of guy and traded away Dogs & Devils sourcebook and equipment for more Soviet-type tanks and infantry.

Bruce O created two pieces of art that I use for objective markers (July 2010 post).

Took the plunge and got not one but two FOW Bags from Battlefoam and love them!

Carlos T built and painted King Tiger 214 for my nephew in 2 days. Thanks Carlos!

Battlefront released Eastern Front, Dogs & Devils, Blitzkrieg, Stalin's Europe and the D-Day compilation. That's 5 books (6 actually since D-Day is 2 volumes) to feed the hungry FOW-player. 2011 we'll probably see EW North Africa, a Monte Cassino book for Italy and something for MW. I don't see 5 books being pumped out in 1 year again. That's a big hit to anyone's budget.

A great year!!!

For 2011 resolutions, I'm going to weenie out and not make a specific resolution (well, except for 76mm Sherman Lend Lease cough cough) and just do as much FOW as I can and have fun. Hopefully the DSL will be back and running soon.

Lastly, I want to thank all of you. Thank you for visiting this blog. Thank you for any and all comments. I appreciate the support and feedback.

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