Thursday, September 30, 2010

Random pics of D-man vs Paul

I took these pics awhile ago; actually I took them back in August when D-Man was here.

In honor of D-Man's b-day, I thought it appropriate to finally put them up. Okay, I admit, the pics got lost in the Photobucket shuffle. Sorry D-Man! =)

First of all, before you go and try to analyze what force D-Man is trying to model, save yourself the time. D-Man never met an Army List he didn't ignore. The battle for D-Man is how many big cats he can place on the table. LOL

The pics do memorialize the special day when D-Man brought KT 214 out for its first test spin. I've posted the pics recently of the King Tiger Sentinel painted for D-Man on a rush order.

It's also the 2nd game. D-Man blew up my tanks rather quickly in the first game. I lasted long enough for Paul to arrive to take the next shift. Paul's a great guy and put his Soviets up against D-Man's cats. The Mission parameters was basically line up the tanks and start shooting - - just what D-Man likes. =)

Here's the pics of the game.

A small sample of D-Man's cats.

Paul's scary white legs and a line of tanks.

Paul sends a big platoon towards Pz IV's and StuGs on the left flank.

They die gloriously!

Paul calls in the VVS for air support!

IS-2 get in on the action.

KT214 goes up in smoke to the VVS! There was much cheering and D-Man covering his face in shame and disgust.

KT 214 and Dedov share a vodka after the battle.

A fun game was had by all and a great way to send D-Man home. Thanks to Paul for being on the receiving end of several 88mm shells.

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  1. Sweet looking tanks my friend. It's always fun to just bust out all your big guns at once. KT 214 looks very nice!