Sunday, January 15, 2012

Plastic Soldier Company 15mm Panthers


PSC updated their site and the long awaited and hoped for Panther will be here very soon.

The price is quoted at £17.95, which equates to almost $27.50 before shipping. Depending on where you buy your PSC goods, you're probaby looking at roughly $6.50 per tank. In case you're keeping score that's half the price of a Battlefront Panther.

What I particularly like is the late G model with the chin mantlet. It's my favorite version of the Panther.

I can't tell though if the hull and turret are sculpted with zimmerit paste. The assembly instructions below don't hint at zimmerit, though the box art does show the paste. Wait and see, I guess.

I'm really curious how BF is going to respond to PSC plastic kits that are roughly half the price of bisters and also Zvezda with their line of snap-together Barbarossa kits. Otherwise, a big chunk of their sales is going to further erode. If a newbie came to me about FOW, I'd point them to PSC where he can get his basic Sherman, half-tracks, T-34's, Panzer IV, Panther and you know PSC is going to do Tigers and other of the more commonly used WWII vehicles.

Anywho, I'm very excited to see this update. There's already 16 responses on the WWPD forum.

In other news, I played two games yesterday! The mind boggles. I actually won one of them! Inconceivable. AAR's to be posted once I sort through 70+ pics. I think I'll try StevieMac's Batrepper.

PSC Panther assembly guide below---



  1. DO WANT.

    I too, love the PSC stuffs.
    No, I mean that stuffs.

    I really am not fond of bent barrels, expensive kits with no instructions, and scraping resin to make tracks fit properly.

    PSC kits are da awesome.

    I'm curious about the zimmerit, too....
    It does make for cool drybrush effects.
    I'lll hafta hit the web and try to find some pics.

  2. 'Grats on the win, btw....
    I lost two games on Sunday, messin' around with my grenadier list.
    Cuz my last list won mostly...naturally I had to change it.

  3. I've got a pack of these on pre-order with Maelstrom, can't wait to get my hands on them!
    In some ways I have came to FoW late but perhaps thats a blessing as, as you say, with PSC kits, I'm making armies for a fraction the cost it would have been if all from BF!

  4. Oh ho, I forgot about Maelstrom. I've been searching to find where I can get my hands on the Pan-ters. Welcome to FOW, Scott. It's a fun game!

    Hey there SinSynn, thanks for the congrats. I'm finding your FOW posts on Loq's blog very insightful. Loq keeps you on a short leash. :P

    1. That she does, sir.
      She likes...leashes.

      Appreciate the compliment!