Friday, May 13, 2011

Drybrush question


These are BF's LL Imo 76mm Shermans. They are painted with Model Master Olive Drab (left) and Forest Green.

The question I have for you modelers/painters out there is this - - do I drybrush Brown Olive (tank on the left) and Russian Uniform (for the right) before or after I dip? I have Army Painter medium shade. I wonder do I dip and then drybrush or is better to dry brush, dip, then use Matt Varnish to remove the gloss?

Any comments appreciated.

By the way, these Lend Lease 76 Shermans are my new favorite model done by Battlefront. I like the look, feel and there's a presence to the model. It looks great on the game board or just sitting in the foam, waiting for the next game.


  1. Personally I would dry-brush before, going slightly lighter than you usually would, and then apply AP if you're going that route. You cold also do 2-3 dry-brush layers, using an increasingly lighter (colour and pressure), and confining the lighter dry-brush to the edges of the hull and turret for definition.

    I think the tank on the left will end up looking best.


  2. Hi.

    When I painted my armor, I used a Russian Uniform base coat, Devlan mud wash and then drybrushed in 2 steps. Heavy drybrush with straight Russian Uniform and then a light drybrush with a 50:50 mix of Russian Uniform and Khaki. I agree. Tank on the left will look best!