Saturday, February 5, 2011


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I'm glad to see that Battlefront jumped into the realm of podcast with its debut of Radio Free Battlefront. The first episode is rather...dull. I'm sure Mike and Wayne, if they become the regular crew of the Radio Free BF podcast, will grow into their rolls. It isn't easy talking in front of a microphones.

Radio Free Battlefront's first episode really shows how spoiled and lucky we are to have Steve, Joe, Luke and the guys of the WWPD Podcast. I think the relaxed atmosphere is conveyed beautifully in their podcast. The reason they capture the feel of gamers sitting around discussing FOW and other games and having a good time and enjoying adult beverages is because THEY ARE a bunch of gamers sitting around and having a good time and enjoying adult beverages. My buddies and I do the same at our favorite watering hole. The only difference is that we don't have microphones recording us.

WWPD is the right mix of FOW, AAR's, reviews, movies, TV shows, other games, adult beverages and good natured BS sessions. I hope more FOW podcasts will be created because it can only grow the hobby. But right now WWPD is the standard.

Their latest effort can be found here.

The other podcast I listen to regularly and look forward to the next episode, just as I do for WWPD, is The Independent Characters.

It's all WH40K. I stumbled across the podcast because I was looking for a podcast that was 2+ hours. Well, each of their episodes is 2+ hours and I'm presently surprised to say that the IC is right there with WWPD as a joy to listen to.

The hosts Carl and Geoff have GREAT chemistry. Before knowing what they looked like, I only heard their voices and immediately an image of the Myth Busters hosts came to mind. Their chemistry is that good. You can hear's Carl's passion for 40K in his voice. Geoff is the anchor and has a very dry and understated sense of humor.

The gems of the podcast is their review of the Imperial Armour books. Their reviews of Vol 9 and Vol 10, the Badab War Pts 1 and 2, nearly had me plunking down $90 on each book and I don't play the game! I still might buy them except I have FOW needs that come first.

So if you're a 40K player and even if you're not a 40K player, visit their site. I recommend grabbbing their reviews of Badab War Pts 1 and 2. Who knows, if you're a closet 40K player like me, it might inspire you to jump into the game again.

Finally, I've heard rumors about the D6 Generation (3+ hours) being really good and may download an episode.

Any podcast I listen to is uploaded to my phone so I can listen to the episodes on the drive to and from work. Traffic gets ugly and a 1.5 hour commute home goes quickly as I listen to a WWPD or IC podcast. It also helps me unwind after a long day.

Well, how about you folks out there. What podcasts to you enjoy listening to?


  1. You pretty much figured out the good ones right away. The D6G is a great podcast but weights pretty heavy on time-- it's always multiple sittings for me.

    My only suggestion if you like 40K is "The Eternal Warriors" (Formally Dice Like Thunder.) At times they feel more like pure commentary, but I enjoy their banter. It's very friendly-- makes you feel like a member. I almost hesitantly say they might be acquired taste, but I'll stand by the fact they are simply good.

  2. Thanks so much for the kind words. I am glad your enjoying the cast as much as we enjoy making it ....

  3. Thanks for the great comments! If you liked our coverage of IA9 & IA10 - We've also covered The Siege of Vraks (IA5,6 & 7) and Raid on Kastorel Novem (IA8). So you might want to check those out when you have time.

    Again - thanks so much for the positive review here on your blog!

  4. Definitely look into the D6G: they're my favorite podcast by far (though keep in mind that 40k talk on there is minimal at best). For 40k strategy, I like the Independent Characters and the 11th Company. I'm sure there are other good ones out there, but there are just so many available, that it's hard to find time to listen to them all anymore.