Wednesday, January 12, 2011

So long buddy....


It's been a rough few days at the household.

Monday, Big J, my dog was put down by the local vet. While pets are animals, they inevitably become part of the family and to lose one is just as painful. The loss is tempered that J isn't suffering any longer. Hip dysplasia took a toll on him and the last few weeks it was apparent he was in great pain. It'd be irresponsible and selfish on my part to extend his suffering because of my own emotions.

Big J was my first dog. I suffered with animal allergies all my life. Cat dander can do a real number on me. Somehow dog allergens bothered me less and less and my wife bought Big J as a birthday present for me.

What a dog he was. He loved football...


He was a fantastic guard dog. Our house is in an area infested with coyotes. Several smaller dogs have been snatched and taken by coyotes over the years. My neighbor told me to watch out for them. I laughed and pointed at Big J. I had no fear of walking Big J in the early mornings. We saw several coyotes and they all went the opposite direction when they saw him.

One evening he was up late. A coyote got too close to the fence and Big J took off after him. Lucky for the coyote I got to Big J before Big J got to the coyote.

After that the coyotes gave our end of the block a wide berth. That X-mas, Big J received several stocking stuffers from the neighbors.


Fed Ex Guy came by unannounced....

.....actually, the butcher loved Big J too and saved bones for him.

Big J was big and loud, but a very loving animal. He enjoyed leaning against a family member or just as content to climb onto a bed and falling asleep.

We had good times together.

So long, buddy and thanks for the memories.

Thanks readers for your patience. Regular posts about tanks, armored warfare, military history and modelling will return next time.

In case anybody asks, his breed was Komondor.

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  1. Sorry for your loss my friend. I have been in your shoes before and it is never easy. Keep the love and memories ... and smile knowing that he enjoyed you as family