Wednesday, January 20, 2010

11th Panzer: Painted HQ, PzIIIL and PzIVF-2 platoons


Today is a good day to post these pictures. It's raining, windy, cold and muddy. Lawns are now lakes of rain water. Debris litters the streets and doorsteps. Shoes and clothing have a new best friend called mud. In short, it feels like the Eastern Front.

What a better idea to celebrate Eastern Front weather than to post pictures of the figures I have for the 11.PD. The minis are all Battlefront. I commissioned Ryan Miller of RJM Miniatures to paint my 11.PD force back in August 2008. Ryan's busy schedule and some ups and downs saw the HQ, PzIII platoon and PzIV platoon arrive in late August 2009. It was a long wait, but worth it.

CiC and 2CiC
The CiC is the pointing tank commander.

PzIIIL platoon

PzIVF-2 platoon

Ryan's use of tank riders adds flavor to the force. Unfortunately, with the hazards of traveling to games, it means some of the riders don't survive the trip intact. Instead of super-gluing them back, I am using poster puddy. The puddy is grey and matches well with the winter white wash. When I get to a game, I plop the guys back on their tanks.

Ryan posted pics of all his completed commissions in 2009 to the FOW Board. Here's a quote from one of the replies:

Welcome back, Ryan. You never disappoint. So much excellent work here, I can hardly decide what to comment on. I guess I have to say that my favorite are the white washed panzers, which are really stunning. I really liked the mix of Schurtzen and no Schurtzen tanks in that first platoon as well. It adds some extra character to an already characterful unit. Lovely as always.-Mr. Church.

I receive similar compliments when I place the tanks on the table.

Thanks Ryan for great looking tanks!

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